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Freight Broker Agent program


If you are looking for a company that will provide you with the support and tools you need to succeed as a freight agent, Cargo Transit is that company. We are a professional, competent and honest company that welcomes qualified agents as team members. We always have a decision maker in the office. Most times when you call, you can speak directly with the owner. You never have to wait for answers to your questions or assistance with a situation. We all work together to fulfill our goal to take the “complicated” out of logistics management. Change is not easy but we will do our best to make your transition seamless. Call us today to become a member of the Cargo Transit team.

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Since 1999 we’ve been arranging global logistics solutions for shipping companies of all sizes. We have resources to find you capacity for truckload shipping, LTL shipping, international logistics, intermodal logistics and specialty freight. We handle logistics management with a fierce commitment to outstanding customer service and a sense of urgency that your business deserves. Our dedication to logistics service, commitment to constant improvement, and dedication to ethical business practices have all fueled our unparalleled reputation in the logistics industry.

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Freight company jobs


We know how important skilled carriers are to our business. We value carriers and offer quality freight to keep equipment moving. When you work with Cargo Transit, you can rest assured that you will be paid timely and treated kindly.  We pride ourselves on our reputation among truck drivers as being trustworthy, professional and dedicated to carrier and driver needs. We are always looking for reliable carriers to join our network. We are well known in the transportation industry as being a top choice for carriers to do business with and we are dedicated to ensuring our carriers complete satisfaction with our service.

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Freight brokers: Stop asking carriers to sign outrageous contracts!

As a freight broker, we are shocked at the outrageous contracts that brokers ask carriers to sign. We do mean SHOCKED! We do mean OUTRAGEOUS!  We recently saw a freight broker contract with a carrier from a large freight broker. This 3pl asks every carrier to sign their broker-carrier contract. Below are just a few […]

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Successful Freight Agent Tips

Being successful as a freight agent is a matter of having discipline, drive and customer service skills. This goal cannot be obtained by working at it only when you feel like it. A successful freight agent is willing to work 80 hours per week in order to avoid working 40 hours per week as an […]

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Freight Agent concerns when choosing a Freight Broker/3PL

Most of our freight agent offices have worked many years in the freight brokerage industry sacrificing many nights and weekends working the phones. Through tireless efforts, they’ve developed a loyal and dependable customer base. Our freight agents have an entrepreneurial spirit and a fierce commitment to outstanding customer service. At Cargo Transit, our hard working […]

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