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Cargo Transit Loves Logistics!


Cargo Transit loves Logistics!  We can handle any logistics need from any shipping company going anywhere. We have many offices with different specialties. One of our offices specializes in the aerospace and defense industry and just managed the delivery of a T-38  fuselage for our US Air Force. Another one of our offices has been busy during these hot summer months managing deliveries to multiple power plants across the United States. One of our offices in Texas specializes in transportation of commodities to keep the oil fields well supplied. Another Texas office specializes in the transportation of new or used machinery. Our Oregon office specializes in the logistics of commercial moving when businesses relocate. We have other offices that specialize in providing shipping solutions for fabricated iron to pumps to paper products. From planning to delivery, Cargo Transit will coordinate your shipment every step of the way. Call us today at 828-645-9828 and let us assist you with your shipping and logistics needs. #Logistics #LogisticsManagement

By Lisa Fouts

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