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Freight Agents, Do you need a Freight Broker that will give you Personalized Service?

freight agentsIf you are tired of being lumped into the same systematic pot as all other #FreightAgents, now is the time to make a change. Not all systems are bad. Freight brokers need systems in place to operate efficiently. But freight brokers also need to be flexible enough to meet their freight agent’s individual needs!

Freight agents expect and need exceptional service from their freight broker! They need quick turn around on carrier and customer setups. They need to speak with a decision maker when the need arises. When dealing with a claim, they need to speak to a live person and not get voicemail jail. They also need the claims person to advocate for their customer!

The #FreightBroker also needs to give the freight agent a competitive edge. Cargo Transit is a certified woman owned business. This certification assists in opening doors to customers that have a diversity program in place.

The principle is actually fairly basic. But the execution is difficult for many freight brokers. Cargo Transit has been in business since 1999 and we offer exceptional and individualized service to our freight agents! Now is the time to join our growing team. Call us at 828-645-9828.

By Lisa Fouts



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