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Cargo Transit, Inc. has a well established reputation in the logistics industry for going above and beyond for our freight carriers. We offer quality freight, timely payment, and reliable, trustworthy and detailed load information. We have our priorities straight when it comes to carrier relationships. This is why so many trucking companies choose to work with us. We pride ourselves in our reputation among truck drivers. Our dispatchers and freight agent partners are professional and knowledgeable. They give timely and detailed information to make your job easier. We are an excellent resource when you’re looking for something to haul.

Quality Freight

We have a variety of quality loads available to get you and your equipment back on the road. We are in need of all equipment types to include: dry vans, reefers, flatbeds, step decks, double drops, hotshots, over-dimensional and heavy haul. We need equipment for long-haul, short-haul, national and regional loads. We need to cover lanes all over North America. Fill your empty miles when you’re a part of the Cargo Transit carrier network.

Genuine Appreciation

We recognize and appreciate not only the carriers that haul for us, but the importance of trucking industry as a whole. Most often, truck drivers are not given a second thought for what they do for everyone in America each and every day. Without truck drivers Americans would have no food to eat, no gas at the pumps, no mail service, no home package deliveries, no clothes in stores. The list could continue for practically every item in North America. Truck drivers are vital to both the success of our business and to the well-being of America. Because we understand this, we treat our carriers with respect and understanding which is so deserved.

Reliable Pay

We know you need to be paid timely to keep your equipment moving. When you work with Cargo Transit, whether or not you will actually get paid is never a question. You can count on our excellent reputation and pristine credit scores from multiple credit report providers. We will even provide you with our current credit reports upon request. In short, you can count on the income you will make from hauling a Cargo Transit load.


Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? Concerns? We’ve covered the most common carrier questions in our FAQ.

Where should I send my invoice and load paperwork?

Look inside the double bold box on your rate confirmation sheet for the email address to send your invoice and paperwork to or call our office for the email address. Send all attachments as a .pdf file type (other file types may cause a delay in processing). You will receive an automated reply within 10 minutes of emailing us your paperwork letting you know we received your paperwork. If we need anything from you in order to process your paperwork, you will receive an additional email from us within 3 business days. If all paperwork is received in good order, we will issue payment in 30 days or less from our receipt of your paperwork.

What paperwork is required for me to get paid?

Your invoice listing Cargo Transit, Inc. at P.O. Box 792 in Weaverville, NC 28787 as the “bill to” party should be sent. List our Freight bill number or our load number on your invoice. Both of these numbers can be found on your rate confirmation sheet. Include a copy of our completed and signed rate confirmation sheet. All documents that you receive from the shipper and/or receiver, such as the signed bill of lading, gate pass, overages, shortages, damages, and lumper fees should be sent.

How does Cargo Transit’s quick pay program work?

Our quick pay program means we will cut and mail a check via the USPS or initiate an ACH deposit into your account within 48 hours of receiving your complete and legible invoice and paperwork. There is a 5% fee to receive payment via Quick pay. If you want quick pay, write “Quick Pay 5%” in large print on your invoice to us. If you want your payment via ACH deposit instead of by a check in first class mail, include our completed ACH form with your invoice. Be sure to write clearly and legibly so the information can be read without question. If an ACH form is not included with your quick pay invoice, we will send you a check via the USPS.  To download our ACH form, click here.

Why am I not receiving my remittance advice for my ACH payments?

It’s possible the email address we have on file for you is incorrect. Please call us at 828-645-9828 and we will get it resolved.

Why haven’t I received payment on a load?

This could happen for a wide variety of reasons. You might have submitted missing or illegible paperwork; the freight bill number or load number was not written on your invoice or it was incorrect; the bill of lading was not signed; we never received your invoice; we are missing other signatures or information. Please fax a “payment status request” to 828-645-9830. Kindly fax just one sheet of paper that includes our freight bill number or our load number, both of which can be found on the rate confirmation sheet, your company name and address, your name your fax number. Also, please write on the paper “payment status request”. Faxing more than 1 page may delay our response. We will answer your request ASAP. We try our best to answer these requests the same business day.