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By completing your name, title and date below, Customer hereby authorizes Cargo Transit, Inc. to contact Customer trade references, obtain credit or bank reports, and perform credit evaluations, as needed. Customer understands that if credit is extended, it may be cancelled at any time. Customer acknowledges and agrees that all transactions with Cargo Transit, Inc. are subject to the service guide of Cargo Transit, Inc., which is available upon request. Customer agrees to pay all invoices within 30 days of invoice date and agrees to pay a  service charge of 1 1⁄2% per month (18% annual rate) on all overdue balances. Customer understands that delivery dates, service standards and transit times are estimates only, and that no guarantees, as to delivery on specific dates or times, are made. Customer expressly agrees that Cargo Transit, Inc. shall not be liable in any event for ANY form of consequential, punitive, special or other such damages. Customer agrees that the payment of freight charges are not subject to offset and shall not be postponed due to alleged loss or damage to Customer’s freight. Cargo Transit, Inc. acts solely as a broker for the above Customer and does not take possession of the freight or assume carrier liability for loss, damage or delay. In the event it is necessary for Cargo Transit, Inc. to seek collection of any unpaid invoices or the obligations of Customer, Cargo Transit, Inc. shall be entitled to recover reasonable collection costs and attorney fees from Customer whether suit is filed or not. Customer expressly agrees to the jurisdiction of the State or Federal Court for Buncombe County, North Carolina. Customer expressly agrees to the jurisdiction of the State or Federal Court in which loads were placed out of at Cargo Transit, Inc.’s option.

By typing in your name, title and the date you certify you are an officer of the company or that you have actual authority to bind the parties upon those whose behalf you sign. You are also certifying you are the named person and the information provided is accurate.

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