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Successful Freight Agent Tips

freight agentBeing successful as a freight agent is a matter of having discipline, drive and customer service skills. This goal cannot be obtained by working at it only when you feel like it. A successful freight agent is willing to work 80 hours per week in order to avoid working 40 hours per week as an employee.

Below are 8 tips to assist you in accomplishing your goal of being a successful freight agent.

  1. Write a business plan with detailed goals and stick to it. Have long term goals and short term goals. Map a plan that will incorporate your daily and weekly goals. It’s easy to get sidetracked or ignore the plan. You must be disciplined enough to stay focused and have a clear direction.
  1. Successful freight agents are constantly building new relationships with potential customers. Set a goal to call 3 new prospects every day. Every freight agent will lose business over time. Sometimes it is out of their control, such as a customer going out of business. This why it is imperative to continually seek new prospects.
  1. Do your research before you make cold calls. Your goal is to use the information you learned in your research to establish a rapport with your contact and foster a connection. You can gain company information from the internet. If you can talk to a sales person at the company prior to reaching the person that makes shipping decisions, you can gain a great deal of knowledge prior to your call.
  1. When you make sales calls to potential customers use instructional statements. Tell them to give you information instead of asking them to give you information. Use phrases like, “Tell me about……..”, “Give me an idea of ……….”, “Share with me…………..”. This will ideally get points across without actually having to make the points yourself thus building a rapport with your contact.
  1. Spend time networking and always be searching for freight opportunities. Industry trade shows are a great way to network with people relevant to your freight agent business. Industry memberships can also lead to connections.
  1. Be responsive – Quickly respond to all of your customer’s needs whether it is for a quote or a pickup or delivery request. Once a customer makes a request from you, never ever make that customer ask you again for it! Be honest and forthright. Offer communication to this customer like they have never seen before.

Cargo Transit can setup automated emails within our software at your request for all your customers or select customers. These emails will automatically send at pre-set load status changes such as at pickup, check call and delivery. We can completely customize this service to meet your needs and the needs of your customer.

  1. Freight agents should have their own website. Have a professional looking and easily navigable website and use the internet to promote your freight agent business. Link your website to social media platforms and post regularly and intelligently. This will help generate sales leads.
  1. Stay focused. It is crucial to keep your focus on people first and business needs second. Treat everyone with respect and do right by all parties and you will have a SUCCESSFUL freight broker agent business for many years!

If you are interested in how Cargo Transit can assist you with your journey to a successful freight agent career, contact us at  #FreightAgent  #3pl  #FreightBroker

By Lisa Fouts, President



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